for players

Your personal setup that comes with you wherever you play.

boot camps with your team


The hours on your computer is not all that counts, it’s how you use that time. As we know, boot camps are crucial for your team to make it big. With the BASE setting up boot camps has never been easier. In addition, you will have the same perfect setup wherever you play!

We can’t make your team to succeed, but we can help you to get professional boot camps set up. You will have to do the rest.

improve your gaming

Ergonomics matter

Even though there are as many gaming styles as there are players, you should keep some fundamentals in mind while setting your gaming setup. Your back won’t give up while you are in your teens, but to be able to play for years to come, check your gaming posture. Right posture will improve your gaming by improving your health.

The BASE allows you to set the same ergonomic personal gaming position always.

secure your fps

Universal & updatable

While playing competitively you want to always have an efficient computer and up-to-date accessories.

We don't want to bind you to any computer or peripheral. With the BASE you can easily assembly your own computer components and keep them up to date. In addition, gaming monitors up to 27'' fit inside the BASE.