Portable Gaming Setup


Fold and relocate

Complete esports setup

Gaming computer inside. Sturdy yet light weight.
Fold and relocate. Ergonomic posture.
1-minute setup. Bootcamps & LAN-parties

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"What I find most appealing is that I hardly even notice the desk while I'm using it, which enables me to concentrate fully on the game. The design and finishing of the desk are crucial factors in creating this experience."

Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka

Former DOTA2 Professional player and first two time TI winner

ARGB Led Strip

Connected to your motherboard, you can choose your color.

cable management

Woops. You don't need it since the computer and all the cables are already inside the BASE.

Designed for a Purpose

Made for esports.

BASE provides you a competitive environment to support your future endeavours. Now, it's about you. Elevate your game, seek for the opportunity and seize it. 

Headphone rack

Keep your headphones out of the way while not using them.


One cord powers your computer and monitor. Convenient connector for ethernet cable.

Carrying Mode

Folds up to a "suitcase" for easier transportation. The monitor, keyboard & mouse fit neatly inside. Integrated handle for carrying.

Like a transformer

Same experience. Everywhere.

The idea was to create the best gaming setup. Yet making it as portable and light-weight as possible, without sacrificing the gaming experience!

The BASE makes it easy and fast to pack your entire setup for boot camps.

How does it work?

"The desk looks and feels very good while gaming! It's also nice for decoration since it’s modern and has integrated places for all the usually hanging cables. Last but not least it is super easy to adjust and move around."

Miikka "suNny" Kemppi

CS:GO Professional player

Small details for big moments

Surface makes a difference.

The touch and feel of your setup is what counts. The specially selected integral skin surface grips your keyboard and mouse pad. The same material is used in the automotive industry, so it's built to last!

The composite structure is light weight, but extremely rigid. This ensures easier transportation and still a long lasting durable desk.

Packed with features

  • Top
  • Open
  • Stripped
Tempered glass

The anti-fingerprint tempered glass window allows a clear view to your components, so just light it up!

Monitor up to 27''

The monitor stand tilts inside the desk with the monitor attached. Securely in place for transportation.

Graphics card

Supports a GPU up to 335mm in length and 65mm in height.


Supports a mATX or a mini-ITX motherboard.

Back cooling

Place for a 240mm water cooling system or alternatively two 120mm fans.

Mouse and keyboard

Secure places for a gaming mouse and a TKL keyboard.

SSD slots

The SSD slot with easy access.


Own compartment for PSU to ensure that it won't affect your computer cooling. Supports SFX and SFX-L power supplies.

Monitor stand

Our custom made ultra stable monitor stand flips inside the BASE, so it's fast and easy to set for transport. By the way, all the cables go inside the arm and are always plugged in and out of sight.

Side fans

The BASE comes equipped with preinstalled quality fans to ensure sufficient cooling airflow for the GPU.

Front air intake

Air intake from built-in air channels to ensure efficient supply of cooling air.

Back panel

The large perforated aluminum back panel lets the heat flow away.

Space saver

Keepin' it cool.

No more hurdle on where to put your desktop, since it's inside the desk.

The BASE has large air intake areas on the sides to to make sure cool air flows dust free for the computer. The airflow direction allows you to set multiple BASEs side-by-side without compromising the cooling.

Compatible components


Set your position.

Set your desk height and monitor position to ensure ergonomic gaming posture for those long sessions. With the BASE you are able to get your personal gaming position no matter if you prefer intense close feel or laid back relaxation.

The integrated monitor stand gives you the gaming space of a monitor arm with the stability of a monitor stand. In addition, your cables are always inside and out of your way.

Rendered demostration of the adjustments. More info in tech specs.

Monitor Height
Monitor Distance
Monitor Angle
Table Height
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