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BASE Specifications and Dimensions

Desk dimensions

Width: 114 cm (~3’9’’)

Depth: 68 cm (~2’3’’)

Height adjustment: 64 - 84 cm (~25 - 33’’)

Computer window size: 363x276 mm (~14 x 11’’)

On the go dimensions

Computer and all accessories inside

Width: 114cm (~3’9’’)

Length:68cm (~2’3’’)

Height: 23cm (~9’’)

Weight approx.

DECK without components 20 kg (~44 pounds)

DECK with computer and accessories 27 kg (~60 pounds)(depending on the
components and accessories)

Monitor stand

Depth adjustment (from front of the desk):
0 - 52 cm (~0 - 20’’)

Height adjustment (27'' monitor lowest from desk):
30 - 150 mm (~1 - 6’’)

Side adjustment:
+/- 10 cm (~4’’) from middle

Tilt: +30 degree / -10 degree

Horizontal tilt: +/- 70 degree

Rotation: +/- 90 degree


Power button (monitor stand)

4 x USB 3.0 (2x monitor stand & 2x front panel)

1 x USB C(front panel)

AUX in & out (front panel)

Power cable input (right backside)

Ethernet cable input (right backside)

Additional cords from motherboard

BASE Peripherals Compatibility


Screen size: Up to 27'' will fold inside the desk

Maximum dimensions (without stand) inside the desk: 625x365x66mm (26.6x14.3x2.6’’) (27'' display)

Mount:Standard VESA 100 and VESA 75 (almost all monitors)


Max. dimensions: 445x170x45mm (17.5x6.7x1.8’’)

We suggest using a TKL keyboard with the DECK


All common gaming mouses

BASE Chassis (inside)


Case dimensions (WxHxD):375x120x400 mm (15x5x16’’)

Riser card interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
(riser cable)

Expansion slots: 4

Hard drive slots: 2x 2.5″ SSD unit slot (height limitation 10.5mm (0.4’’))

Motherboard position: Horizontally inside the desk. (If liquid cooling is used, turn computer on only when desk is in gaming

Fans included: 3 x 80mm + 2 x 120mm

Dust filters on side intakes


Power supply: SFX or SFX-L (up to 130 mm (5.1’’) long)

Motherboard: mATX or Mini-ITX

CPU cooler max height:56 mm (2.2’’)

Liquid cooler max size:120x240x60 mm
GPU max dimensions (LxHxD):

-mini-ITX:340x170x60 mm (13.4x6.7x2.4’’)

-mATX:340x140x60 mm (13.4x5.5x2.4’’)